Trimbles chapter on readability explains much on the use of diction, phrasing, and simplicity to make your piece easy on the eyes of the reader. One main point that stood out to me was that our ideas should not be clouded with an excessive amount of words. Often times we tend to cushion our sentences with words so that we can impress our readers by sounding “smart”. Its important that we convey our ideas in such a way, that its as if we were speaking to a friend. Using slang terms is not whats meant by this, but by writing in a way that is sweet and simple will get ideas across without confusing the reader. Paragraph structuring is also of importance when writing. A reader will either be intimidated by having to read such a lengthy paragraph or will simply get bored and stray away from the main points to be made. Short sentences are also okay to use when the few sentences above are long and strenuous. They show boldness and are often used to make big statements.

Adjectives should also be replaced with active verbs whenever possible. Adjectives can sometimes allow the sentence to lose meaning if the adjective is not used appropriately. Paraphrasing is a good thing. But too much of a good thing can prove bad. Every now and again its important to use quotes so the reader can “hear” the words being said through the text, quotes help bring meaning and life to the piece.

Overall I can work on my wording. I should make my sentences as short as I possibly can while still getting my point across and having much meaning. I tend to use a lot of wording because I have yet to master the skill of finding words and ways of saying what I need to say without having to say much. I also tend to write in long paragraphs, so structuring is also another aspect of writing I can improve on. Trimble also mentioned that writers should allow the readers a road map of where they are heading to in the piece. There are times that my ideas don’t seem to connect so transitioning and keeping the reader informed on what im talking about is something else I need to work on. in the end im learning that simple and sweet is usually the best way to write a piece while still keeping the audience engaged and knowledgeable about the topic at hand.


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