Introduction: Opposing viewpoints from critics on the use of anti-depressants in youth.

Thesis: Many critics argue that anti-depressants are a quick fix to the problems our youth are facing. Some even state that they are harmful, possibly even detrimental to an adolescents health. However, over the years numerous case studies and modifications of psychotropic drugs evolved proving exactly why others perceive that you who are suffering from depression are in doer need of anti-depressants, while denying them of such can prove adverse.

Body Paragraphs:
1. Against Anti-depressants:
– Causes youth suicide
– Chemically alters brain
– Negative side effects
– Psychotropic drugs haven’t been tested for minors

2. For Anti-depressants
– Suicide is not caused by anti-depressants
– Chemical alterations are used to boost positive effects in behavior
– Side effects are minor, death is rare
– Many psychotropic drugs have been approved for minors

3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy a common denominator for both opposing views

4. Conclusion


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