Trimble… Openers, Middles, and Closers

In Trimbles openers, middles and closers, he explores how to create an essay that is strong, clear, concise and appealing to the reader. 

In the opening, trimble explains that the first paragraph needs to ignite the essay. Take off on fire. The first three sentences or so can either allow you to gain or lose readers so it is important to be bold in your opening paragraph. Always be confident in your opinion and tell the reader what you think and why your way of thinking is the logical way. Never approach a piece of writing being timid, this will only lose faith in your audience. Its also vital to have concrete detail and take a stance. The audience must be confident that you know exactly what you are talking about, and will be kind enough to lead them in the correct direction. Openers overall, must grab the readers attention and be so interesting and specific that the reader wants to see what the remainder of the text will be about.

The meat of the essay is also known as the “middle”. This part of the essay is vital to the thesis as it will support the thesis and set the tone of the text, allowing ideas to connect and flow smoothly.  Its important for the writer to know his or her audience. Depending on the topic being written about, the language use must fit accordingly to those who will be reading the passage. However, no matter how intellectual or dazed the readers are, words that are easy to be read and understood are important. Readers like moderation. Things that arent so difficult that they want to give up on the reading, however language that is studious and professional.  Evidence is large in this section of the essay. No matter what suggestions or opinions are given to the audience, facts supporting such ideas are needed to persuade your reader into your way of thinking. Be very direct, confident and supportive in the body of the essay. No matter what, facts and evidence will support even the most obscene thoughts and ideas. Tell the readers what you want them to know and be confident that your way is the only way.  Make sure that your stance is clear, and argument why your reasoning is correct.  Be assertive with your information. The purpose is to get your point across with as little cover up as possible. Be straight to the point and support, support ,and support some more! 

Last but not least is the closer. The closer is extremely important as it will leave lasting impression on your readers about your article. You want your closer to not only continue strongly with your argument, summarizing some main points,  but be the final blast off! it must be memorable, having given the reader the sense that his or her time has been worthwhile.  Emotional impact is important as it gives the reader something to connect with. The ending of an essay closes the text smoothly and with great relief. What the reader has read, has left them more knowledgeable then what they started before.


In response to learning these wonderful techniques for writing, i see things that i am able to improve in my own writing. I have made my thesis more concise and i have taken a stand that is argumentative. From reading how the middle of the essay should be written, i am able to revise my essay by taking out unecessary text  and only using facts and ideas that can supported.  Being bold and straightforward in your text also gave me the confidence to want to persuade my reader and not think much about what the reader thinks of my opinion. I want to sell my point of view and show why my reasoning is the best reasoning for the specific situation. Overall i learned a great deal, and can now revise my article using more supportive details and being more assertive with my ideas, but persuading my readers in a positive way as well.



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