Trimble- A good thesis

What is a thesis?  As trimble would describe it, a thesis is not the subject of your essay, however it is A viewpoint of which the topic of your essay concerns. He states that a thesis should be arguable,  so strong  that others who don’t agree with your viewpoint can challenge your thesis, and actually be interested in doing so. It should automatically grab the reader, consist of a vivid point, and be very convincible. Overall, the thesis will be a strong stand that you take on the topic of your essay that will set the tone for the rest of the information to follow. It should flow smoothly, interrelate with research and proof that you have, and convince even the most skeptical critic that your stand is strong and may even be a correct way at looking at the situation. In my article ” The future of children” author Thomas Grisso, explains how mental disorders in our youth are interrelated to the delinquencies in the juvenile system. Grisso, with much supported evidence through research, explains through research how the youth with mental disorders are more likely to be involved in some negative behavior resulting in arrest and eventually in connection with the justice system.  From ADHD, to even the most unfavorable childhoods, whatever the cause may have been, those with even a history of having a psychotic disorder are highly susceptible in being put in the juvenile detention center. The author then goes on to elaborate the role that the justice system portrays in such a situation, procedures that are and are not used, and how  both the justice system and child mental welfare agencies can collaborate to increase the community resources for the mentally disordered inside and outside of a detention center.  The overall point of the article was to make the community aware that a lot of the youth in custody of the system are those that are mentally impaired, and what needs to be done and available to these children in order to start an intervention and prevention of current and future crimes.  From this article, three possible thesis I could use are:

” Making mental health services available, and  affordable in the community, would be an appropriate reaction in dealing with the mentally disabled youth engaging in criminal behavior”

” The rise in youth delinquent’s, have been found to be connected with mental disorders”

” A collaboration between child mental welfare agencies and the justice will prove effective in the prevention of future crimes in youth diagnosed with mental disabilities”


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